PMSE Clearance from 700MHz Band by May 2020

At the July meeting of the DTG PMSE Implementation Group we received an update from the OFCOM representative who stated that they (OFCOM) were still waiting for a statement from the government (DCMS) on the subject and not until they had received that could they then publish the methodology and the replacement funding policy for…

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The Mumbling Mob

What did she say?

Happy Valley is the latest show viewers can’t hear. What to do, asks Stephen Armstrong. Why is Happy Valley 2 getting viewers so upset? Sally Wainwright is back with another cracking script, and directing it herself this time; and the nation’s sweetheart, Sarah Lancashire, is reprising the tough but troubled cop Catherine Cawood. Twisted Tommy…

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IPS sells out at BVE

When IPS Chairman Simon Bishop gave his talk on “Good Sound Cheap” at BVE, such was the interest that it was standing room only as the crowd spilled out from the theatre.  

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World record for longest ever reverberation

Deep inside a complex of secret tunnels in the Highlands stirs a sound which will reverberate through the ages. The world record for the longest echo ever discovered has been shattered by a hidden network of oil storage tanks in Rossshire. Acoustic scientists emerged from the Inchindown oil storage tanks, an underground fuel depot constructed…

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George Martin – “In My Life”

Photo George Martin

Sir George Martin, the legendary record producer who engineered the rise of The Beatles, talks about his hearing loss to Dawn Dimond. “I couldn’t hear the high frequencies – it was a moment of truth” It’s a cruel irony that rock music’s most famous record producer attributes his hearing loss to over-exposure to the very…

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What does a £2,500 record sound like?

Audiophile Pete Hutchison has gone to extraordinary lengths to reissue golden era classical recordings in their purest form. He talks to Killian Fox about the price of perfection, the ‘digital con’, and the sound of a truly analogue recording. ‘It’s not just about vinyl, it’s about a whole philosophy’: Pete Hutchison in his studio in…

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Prince Charles highlights the lack of training

HRH The Prince of Wales has warned of a growing skills shortage in UK television training. Speaking at the start of the RTS Craft Skills Masterclass Day held at the Hospital Club in London’s Covent Garden on 30 October, the Prince recalled how a conversation with documentary film maker John Bridcut and his crew led…

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Walter Murch: searching for the sound of the God particle

Walter Murch

A rare audience with Hollywood’s best editor, fresh from cutting Particle Fever, a documentary about the search for the Higgs Boson at Cern. To relax, Walter Murch likes to sit in front of the TV. With a stopwatch. Counting the number of times a politician blinks as they give a speech. “I’m just fascinated by…

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Imogen Stubbs hits out at mumbling actors

Rada boss and Imogen Stubbs say language is being mangled in bid to imitate American film stars – and audiences are being let down. Too many actors mumble their way through their lines, neither enunciating nor projecting words clearly enough for audiences to understand them, according to leading figures in theatre. Edward Kemp, artistic director…

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