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Presentations at IPS Pro-Audio Show 23 (14 October 2023)

Session one

Dante on Location

Simon Clark and Stuart Piggot describe how and why they use Dante in their location drama situations.

Session two

The Future of Broadcast Audio

Presented by Dr Chris Baume, Lead Research Engineer, BBC R&D. Introduced by Simon Clark.
Under the heading of Next Generation Audio topics covered include:

  • Immersive Audio
  • Personalised Audio
  • Production Tools
  • AI tools.

Sesssion three

AI - The Future Now?

Chaired by Martyn Harries MIPS
Panelists: David Ronan (RoEx), Dr Chris Baume (BBC R&D), Tyrone Hannick (Cinemaison Ltd).

IPS Meetings


Mike Thornton at Loudness lecture

Part 1 (1h 10) Mike Thornton covers TV.

Part 2 (40 m) Ian Astbury outlines the implications for Radio.

IPS TV Reports from IBC

IPS TV Productions


This time, Louise Willcox interviews Cathy Robinson.
It’s another conversation that proves what an interesting bunch of people we sound aficionados are.  Cathy takes us through her progression from a humble programme transfer assistant to the BBC’s only Technical Producer for Immersive Technologies - and if you want to find out what both of those jobs are, you’ll just have to listen!   It’s fascinating stuff - enjoy.


Louise Willcox in conversation with Jo Manly; his entertaining and insightful career history, eloquently and humorously told.  A ‘must listen’ for anyone aspiring to work in the pro sound world.  Enjoy!


February 2022

Louise Willcox in conversation with Lucy Moss - Sound and Communications Executive for BBC Sport.  Lucy’s humble beginnings in the ‘sunny northern town of Blackburn, Lancashire’; her first steps into the world of television as a technical assistant for the BBC; how she manages her work-life balance; and her progress - inside and outside of the BBC – to this very senior role.


January 2020

In this episode Simon Clarke, Simon Bishop and Chris Maclean chat about a recent project Chris worked on, High Strangeness. It was part Stereo, part binaural

In this scripted comedy, sci-fi, Audible Original, a quick-witted young blogger turned investigator, Cassie (Sophie McShera) travels to the sleepy English countryside, only to discover a paranormal threat beyond humanity’s worst nightmares.

Following a strange event, frustrated British paranormal researcher, Cassie Chambers is thrown together with uptight American, Glen Hedley (Adam James), an agent for a shady government organization. This mis-matched duo soon discover, not only do they have a mystery to uncover, but also they’re humanity’s only defence against malign ultra-terrestrials from a different dimension. With interfering locals, obstructive bosses and a fanatical cult getting in the way, and only Cassie’s best friend Amanda (Mandeep Dhillon) as reliable help, Cassie & Glen must figure out why this unique enemy is here and turn it back before it’s too late - for all of us.

The whole series of "High Strangeness" can be found here