Slaying Dragons #21 – Artificial Intelligence

John Watkinson looks at Artificial Intelligence. Intelligence suggests ability to reason, whereas knowledge is the possession of facts. The two are somewhat independent. The need for artificial intelligence (AI) would suggest that the real thing is in short supply, or is simply too expensive for some purposes. The problem with real intelligence is that it…

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Slaying Dragons #20 – High resolution?

John Watkinson wonders what high resolution or high definition audio might mean. In these days of newspeak, words no longer seem to mean what they used to. Resolution and definition are terms used in audio that have been adopted from photography and television, where I believe they still have some meaning. To see what they…

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700 MHz PMSE funding scheme

Ofcom held a stakeholder meeting about the 700 MHz PMSE funding scheme on Friday 25 Jan 2019. For a limited time approx (until 1 Feb) you can view a video of the event. Download a pdf of the slides used in the presentation (not time limited).

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