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Quality Saga pt 7

Following our meeting (Quality Saga pt 6) this response was received on 28 November from Anne Morrison,  Director of the BBC Academy. Subject: Re: Institute of Professional Sound : Meeting 6th November 2012 Dear Louise, It was good to meet you and Simon and discuss some of the skills shortages in this area. I am…

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Quality Saga pt 6

Very shortly after our letter (Quality Saga pt 5) was received by Director General, George Entwistle, and despite the ‘Savile’ and Newsnight turmoil going on at the time, our Secretariat was contacted requesting an urgent meeting between the IPS and the Director of the BBC Academy, Anne Morrison. Chairman, Simon Bishop, and EC member, Louise…

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Quality Saga pt 5

Simon Bishop, Chair of the IPS, wrote to George Entwistle, the new (albeit short-lived) Director General of the BBC, on 16 October 2012 in response to Mark Thompson’s letter (published on this website – see Quality Saga pt 4.) This is what IPS Chairman’s letter said: The Director General British Broadcasting Corporation White City Wood Lane…

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Training initiative launched – BAFTA CREW

Creative England is joining forces with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and the Skillset Craft and Technical Skills Academy to launch BAFTA Crew, a major new skills development and networking programme for experienced craft and technical crew working in film and television in England. BAFTA Crew is designed to develop the…

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Broadcast Freelancer Survey 2012 (part 2)

Standing up for your rights Reproduced by permission of Broadcast In part one, Broadcast unveiled the key concerns revealed in the Freelancer Survey 2012. Here Catherine Neilan explores the causes and reveals the best – and worst – companies to work for. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the TV industry is in want…

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Broadcast Freelancer Survey 2012 (part 1)

‘I can’t do this much longer’ With rising hours and fears over job security, the future is increasingly uncertain for many working in TV. Catherine Neilan reports on the results of Broadcast’s Freelancer Survey 2012. Reproduced by permission of Broadcast Broadcast’s Freelancer Survey 2012 paints a gloomy picture, with some parts of the freelance community’s…

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Foley Artists: Heard Any Good Films Lately?

From footsteps on snow to beheadings, a Foley artist can recreate any sound. Meet Hollywood’s not-so-silent stars. It may have passed you by, but the packaging for cornflour is changing – and, in one tiny part of the British film industry, it has created panic. Foley artists are responsible for beefing up a film’s background…

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The London Loudness Summit 2011

Graham Heath MIPS reports on a specialist one-day summit held in London in December 2011 “Loudness refers to the perceived strength of a piece of audio (music, speech, sound effects etc.). The loudness depends on the level, frequency, content, and the duration of the audio, amongst other things” (On the way to Loudness Nirvana –Audio…

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Quality Saga pt 4

Following the reply from Lord Patten we subsequently received this letter from the BBC Director General, Mark Thompson: The IBS is formulating a response, and will publish it here, once sent. (go to pt 5)

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