Quality Saga pt 7

Following our meeting (Quality Saga pt 6) this response was received on 28 November from Anne Morrison,  Director of the BBC Academy.

Subject: Re: Institute of Professional Sound : Meeting 6th November 2012

Dear Louise,

It was good to meet you and Simon and discuss some of the skills shortages in this area.

I am hopeful that we may be able to find ways to address them as an industry and that the BBC Academy will be able to play its part in that. However, just to manage your expectations with regards to the long list below, we are dealing with a major reduction in our budget in 2013 and having to reduce the amount of training we can deliver next year, so taking on new commitments is a huge challenge for us.

We discussed trying to get a more equitable balance of contributions to training from all broadcasters and leading indies, while understanding that the BBC will remain the leading training investor and provider. As the chair of the Creative Skillset TV and Content Strategy Group, I will aim to get sound (and craft skills generally) higher up the industry agenda. We should work out how we can access money which may come in from a training levy on high end dramas to achieve this.

Let’s stay in touch over the coming months to pursue these ideas together.

Best Wishes