Slaying Dragons #2 – Real Time: does it exist any more?

  Real time is one of those phrases that bounces around without it being clear when it applies and what it means. Once upon a time there was analog audio, whereby an electrical waveform was an analog of sound pressure or velocity at a microphone and could produce sound again at a loudspeaker. There was…

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DPP Unveils Update For Programme Delivery Specs

Logo DPP

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has announced the publication of the latest version of its Technical Specification for the Delivery of TV Programmes to all major UK broadcasters. Version 5.0 of the delivery specification represents a major update, targeting new deliverables with the addition of: Ultra High Definition (UHD) High Dynamic Range (HDR) advice on…

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IPS seminars at BVE 2017

IPS Chairman Simon Bishop at BVE 2017 IPS seminar

Packed audiences attended the popular craft seminars at BVE 2017 presented by IPS members. The seminar “So you want to work in sound?” on  Wednesday 1 March, featuring training, was given by a panel of Simon Bishop, Stephen Pontin, Nadine Richardson and Simon Clark. On Thursday 2 March John Willett’s presentation was “The ins and outs…

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