Line Up 53 Feb-Mar 1997

Cover Line Up 53

Tomorrows World in Japan IBS Visits HHB Calrec Digital and the X Files Pop Goes to Wembley Put Your Hands Together for $25 101st AES Los Angeles Warhorse or Racehorse (Innovonics FM Processor) Book Reviews (Sound Production Handbook and Sync Sound with New Media Freelance Forum

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Line Up 54 Apr-May 1997

Cover Line Up 54

Casualty 11 Years On Noises Off CEDAR Style Must We Adapt To Survive Interact-ive Tascam MD801R & MD801P Sky Radio 100.7 Holland Fostex PD4 BCD ALT 1 Auto Level Taker

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Line Up 55 Jun-Jul 1997

Cover Line Up 55

Comment (DTT) Grand Central Studios Amek 9098 Dual Preamp Losing Paradise in Wales Audio Ltd RMS2020 Radiomic Where There’s Mux There’s Brass The Incredible Shrinking Mixer Tales from the IBSnet

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Line Up 56 Aug-Sep 1997

Cover Line Up 56

Eurovision Song Contest 1997 Sony MDS B5 Minidisc Recorder Kit Cool is Cool Kit Soundtracs Virtua at the Beeb Amek System 9098 Dual Limitier Compressor IBS Meets Studer at BH Orban 9200 Optimod AM Digital Sending Sound Over 2Mb Lines Audio Developments AD149 Tales from the IPSNET

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Line Up 57 Oct-Nov 1997

Cover Line Up 57

An Australian Drama StageTec Cantus in DMCCR Clyde Broadcast Products SQN 4S Series IV HOF Dynamic Master Pro Tools 4 WavCart Broadcast Playback Software KW Electronics ISDN Transmitter Backup System

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Line Up 58 Dec 1997

Cover Line Up 58

Ice Warriors Omnia FM The Next generation TechCon Surround Revisited The Biggest OB Ever (Funeral Diana Princess of Wales) May The Sound be Around You IBS Visits Sound Network Nordic Sound Symposium IBS Meets Deva at Twickenham

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Line Up 59 Feb-Mar 1998

Cover Line Up 59

Revolution on 3 A Word in Your Ear Akai DD8 and the Total Solution U2 in Bosnia Digital Media Interchange A Little Prince From Denmark Audio Design DMM 1 Mixer Book Reviews (High Performance Power Amps and Collected AES Papers of Bit Rate Reduction)

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Line Up 60 Apr-May 1998

Cover Line Up 60

Czech TV Ostrava Videosonics Beyerdynamic M59 and MCE58 Timecode in PostProduction The Internet for Radio and Audio AMPS-IBS Meeting Advanced Digital Systems YouCom in Hiversum The Minidisc Revolution BCD Audio DTG 1

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Line Up 61 Jun-Jul 1998

Cover Line Up 61

BBC News 24 SADiE 2496 NAB 98 Report Soundcraft B400 Console IBS Visit AMS Neve dCS 925 D to D Converter TC Electronic DB MAX Processor

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Line Up 62 Aug-Sep 1998

Cover Line Up 62

Stage 6 The Fulfilment of a Dream Schoeps ACA53 Boom Suspension Tales from the Blunt End (Part 1) Tascam DA302 Dual DAT Recorder ASC MD Report 360 Systems Instsant Replay 2.0 True Organic Growth or Compost? Complementary CD Player and Denon MD Recorder IBS Visit Sensaura IBS Visit Sennhesier

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