Harold Kutscherauer RIP

Photo Harold Kutscherauer

A sound supervisor in BBC Radio outside broadcasts. Always known as “Kutsch”, Harold was the IBS’s first Fellow, appointed in 1983. This is his own story. After being discharged from the RAF on medical grounds in February 1943, I returned to my pre-service employers (an insurance firm) for a while and then changed my occupation…

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Louise Willcox RIP

Photo Louise Willcox

1970: A couple of months after her twelfth birthday, Louise’s father was killed in an industrial accident, leaving her mum looking after four children. Life was a struggle, but with help from relatives, the family’s heads were kept above water. Singing, and playing either guitar or piano with the rest of the family kept Louise…

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Ron Godwyn RIP

Ron Godwyn

Ron was the original editor of the Institute’s journal Line Up After four years with Plessey on loudspeaker development, Ron started at Philips Records (Marble Arch) as technical assistant in 1958. Four years later he became Head of the Studio Technical Department – seeing the studio through the ’60s with two major refits and many equipment…

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Hugh Barker RIP

Hugh Barker

A BBC TV sound supervisor, renowned in the LE field, appointed in 1993. On leaving school Hugh Barker qualified at the British School of Wireless Telegraphy and then joined the International Marine Radio Company, serving for three years as a radio officer in the Merchant Navy. After completing his National Service in the RAF, where…

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Ray Dolby RIP

Ray Dolby

Ray Dolby was mainly responsible for the development of the electronic aspects of the Ampex videotape recording system in the early 1950s.

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Adrian Kerridge RIP

Adrian Kerridge

When he retired as chairman of the Lansdowne group of studios in may 2010 Adrian told the IBS he had been 58 years in the business starting by sweeping up dog-ends at IBC studios. His connection with broadcasting began in the 1950s

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