Slaying Dragons #6 – Where now for Audio?

John Watkinson looks at evolutionary forces.

Nothing is for ever and the only certainty is change. The endless march of evolution in the biosphere is paralleled by evolution in technology. The audio industry is only part of the world, yet the extent of the changes that have been seen in audio are such that they couldn’t be overlooked. The same rate of change is seen in the rest of the world; only the details are different.

Given the extent of change, it is nothing short of astonishing that certain sections of society create structures and institutions that are not only incapable of change but which actively seek to deny and prevent it. And what is the common thread that runs through these disparate structures? They had power. From the outside it is impossible to tell whether the decisions taken by those in power are self-serving or made out of ignorance. It is unsurprising that these institutions ultimately fall behind and are discredited. In the last decade it has become almost monotonous.

The whole tenet of evolution is fitness for purpose, evaluated by a brutal selection process. The pretentiously named homo sapiens has proliferated world wide because competing life forms were less fit, according to the prevailing natural environment.

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