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Volts (symbol V – not v) measure the electrical pressure, or potential difference available to force current through a circuit. The name derives from the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta (1745–1827), who invented the voltaic pile, the first chemical battery. Voltages can have a fixed polarity (Direct Current volts), or can change more or less cyclically…

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Watts are a measure of power. The symbol is W (never w). Electrically Watts = Amps x Volts. The name derives from Scottish engineer and inventor James Watt (1736 – 1819) in honour of his work that transformed the primitive steam engine into a practical power unit. Watts are obviously useful for indicating the power…

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Word Clock

Taken from Annex B of AES11. “AES recommended practice for digital audio engineering – Synchronization of digital audio equipment in studio operations” Annex B (Informative) Word Clock It is possible to meet all the timing requirements of AES11 by means of a square wave at sampling frequency basic rate, commonly called word clock. It is…

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