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Edit Decision List (EDL)

An Edit Decision List (EDL) is simply an ordered list of items of recorded video and audio with Timecode references which enables a video editor to assemble a version of the final programme.

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The iXML specification is designed to provide an unambiguous communication of file and project based metadata between various stages of workflow in production, telecine, picture editorial and audio post production. iXML is primarily designed to be used as a  RIFF (embedded tagged data) chunk inside a Broadcast Wave file (although it can be optionally included…

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The European Broadcasting Union or EBU was formed on 12 February 1950 by 23 broadcasting organisations from Europe and the Mediterranean. Members are radio and television companies, most of which are government-owned public service broadcasters or privately owned stations with public missions. In 2007 the EBU has 74 active members from 55 countries, and 43…

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An acronym for Root Mean Square, a mathematical means of calculating the average level of a varying audio signal for the purposes of metering or estimating the power of, for example, loudspeaker amplifiers.

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