Collection and Delivery

For large items where ordinary postal services may be too expensive, members have had success using the following providers. Most are reselling the services of other major courier/delivery firms and collect from your premises.

Parcel 2 Go Appear to offer a choice of carrier at various price points depending mainly on how quickly you want your consignment delivered.

Sep 2012 17 kg parcel

24hr delivery with CityLink £8.49 + VAT

48hr Yodel £6.99 + VAT (may have a 10 kg limit)

My Parcel Delivery

Sep 2012 17 kg parcel

Sent for £11.00.

Parcel Monkey

Sep 2012

24hr City Link £7.49 + VAT

24hr Guaranteed(*) City Link £9.49 + VAT

(*)Your money back if the delivery is late based on the 24hr City Link Service.


My Hermes

Collect Plus This is a variation where you need to take your parcel to a nearby convenience store and the recipient needs to collect from a store near them. There are several different store chains offering this facility. It can take a few days for the parcel to arrive at the destination store. The big drawback is that the participating stores might not be very “convenient” for the sender or recipient. If planning to use one of these services check that your recipient can collect and it doesn’t involve a 50 mile round trip…

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